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There is a wealth of e-texts available on the website of the Tibetan Classics here :


Up to 32 volumes are planned to appear on the website. Some are already available (in pdf form). Here is the list of the project :

Vol. 1: Blo sbyong brgya rtsa (MIND TRAINING)
Vol. 2: Bka’ gdams glegs bam las btus pa'i chos skor (BOOK OF KADAM)
Vol. 3: Sems nyid ngal gso shing rta chen po (THE GREAT CHARIOT Nyingma)
Vol. 4: Sa skya lam 'bras (PATH AND FRUITION Sakya)
Vol. 5: Phag chen dang 'brel ba'i chos skor (MAHAMUDRA AND SIX YOGAS Kagyu)
Vol. 6: Lam rim dang snyan brgyud kyi chos skor (LAMRIM AND EAR-WHISPERED TEACHINGS Geluk)
Vol. 7: Ri chos nges don rgya mtsho (Dolpopa's OCEAN OF DEFINITIVE TEACHING Jonang)
Vol. 9: Bon gyi mdo sngags sems gsum gyi gzhung (SUTRA, TANTRA & MIND CYCLE Bon)
Vol. 10: Bstan pa la 'jug pa'i rim pa ston pa'i gzhung (STAGES OF THE DOCTRINE: 3 WORKS)
Vol. 11: Rgyal sras kyi spyod pa'i chos skor (THE BODHISATTVA IDEAL)
Vol. 12: Sdom pa gsum gyi rnam gzhag (ETHICS OF THE THREE VOWS)
Vol. 13: Sngags bla med kyi sgrub thabs dang kyi bskyed rim (TANTRIC SADHANAS & GENERATION STAGE)
Vol. 14: Dus 'khor 'grel chen dri med 'od kyi rgyan (EXPOSITION OF KALACHAKRA)
Vol. 15: Dzog rim rim lnga gsal sgron (LAMP ILLUMINATING THE FIVE STAGES)
Vol. 16: Phar phyin gyi gzhung gces btus gsum (THREE TEXTS ON PERFECTION OF WISDOM STUDIES)
Vol. 17: Bde gshegs snying po rigs kyi chos skor (TREATISES ON THE BUDDHA NATURE)
Vol. 18: Zab mo lta ba'i khyad par bshad pa (DIFFERENTIATIONS OF THE PROFOUND VIEW)
Vol. 19: Dbu ma dgongs pa rab gsal (ELUCIDATION OF THE INTENT)
Vol. 20: Sa skya pa'i lugs kyi tshad ma rig pa (SAKYA EPISTEMOLOGY)
Vol. 21: Dge ldan pa'i lugs kyi tshad ma rig pa (GELUK EPISTEMOLOGY)
Vol. 22: Mngon pa gong ma sems khams rig pa (ABHIDHARMA PSYCHOLOGY AND PHENOMENOLOGY)
Vol. 23: Mdzod 'grel mgon pa'i rgyan (ORNAMENT OF ABHIDHARMAKOSHA)
Vol. 24: Grub mtha' lhun po'i mdzes rgyan (CLASSICAL INDIAN PHILOSOPHIES)
Vol. 25: Grub mtha' shel gyi me long (CRYSTAL MIRROR OF PHILOSOPHICAL SYSTEMS)
Vol. 26: Gzhal gdams dang nyams mgyur (VERSES OF ADVICE, SONGS OF SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE)
Vol. 27: Mi chos dang legs bshad lugs kyi bslab bya (EVERYDAY WISDOM, NORMS AND VALUES)
Vol. 28: Gso ba rig pa'i khog bub Vai dur ya'i me long (MIRROR OF BERYL, TIBETAN MEDICINE)
Vol. 29: Rtsis rig pa'i bstan bcos gces btus (SELECTED TEXTS OF TIBETAN ASTRO-SCIENCES)
Vol. 30: Brda dang tha snyad rig pa'i skor (ARTS & LITERARY WORKS)
Vol. 31: Lha mo'i gzhung (TALES FROM THE TIBETAN OPERA)
Vol. 32: Mkhas pa lde'u rgya bod kyi chos 'byung (DE'U HISTORY OF BUDDHISM IN INDIA AND TIBET)
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