Mapping the Modern in Tibet

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Gray Tuttle (Editor). Mapping the Modern in Tibet.PIATS 2006: Proceedings
of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan
Studies. Königswinter 2006. Andiast, Switzerland:International Institute
for Tibetan and Buddhist Studies GmbH, 2011. 502 pages.

Table of Contents:


JANET GYATSO Moments of Tibetan modernity: Methods and assumptions 1

LAURAN HARTLEY Self as a faithful public servant: The autobiography of
Mdo mkhar ba Tshe ring dbang rgyal (1697-1763) 45

LOBSANG YONGDAN Tibet charts the world: The Btsan po No mon han¹s
Detailed Description of the World, an early major scientific work in Tibet

GRAY TUTTLE Challenging central Tibet¹s dominance of history: The
Oceanic Book, a nineteenth-century politico-religious geographic history

ANNABELLA PITKIN Lineage, authority and innovation: The biography of Khu
nu bla ma Bstan ¹dzin rgyal mtshan 173

ISRUN ENGELHARDT Reflections in The Tibet Mirror: News of the world
1937-1946 205

KEVIN GARRATT Shes bya: A Tibetan newspaper¹s international reportage in
the 1970s 265

YUMJEAP RWA Views on Tibetan names and cultural identity 303

ASTRID HOVDEN Ritualised memories: Maintenance of the Sa ga zla ba
festival tradition in contemporary Lhasa 327

DEREK F. MAHER An examination of a critical appraisal of Tsepon
Shakabpa¹s One Hundred Thousand Moons 353

RIIKA J. VIRTANEN Images of love in Don grub rgyal¹s short stories 373

FRANZ XAVER ERHARD Constructed identities and contemporary Tibetan
literature: The fiction of the A mdo ba Skyabs chen bde grol and the Lha
sa ba Dpal ¹byor 419

HOLLY GAYLEY The ethics of cultural survival: A Buddhist vision of
progress in Mkhan po ¹Jigs phun¹s Heart Advice to Tibetans for the 21st
Century 435
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