Economic and demographic issues: articles in JIATS, vol. 4

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Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies, vol. 4 (2008)

Read about:
“Demographics, Development, and the Environment in Tibetan Areas” – Kenneth Bauer and Geoff Childs
“Tibetan Fertility Transitions: Comparisons with Europe, China, and India” – Geoff Childs
“Conflict between Nomadic Herders and Brown Bears in the Byang thang Region of Tibet” – Dawa Tsering and John D. Farrington
“Subsistence and Rural Livelihood Strategies in Tibet under Rapid Economic and Social Transition” – Andrew M. Fischer
“Biodiversity Conservation and Pastoralism on the Northwest Tibetan Plateau (Byang thang): Coexistence or Conflict?” – Joseph L. Fox, Ciren Yangzong, Kelsang Dhondup, Tsechoe Dorji, and Camille Richard
“Nomads without Pastures? Globalization, Regionalization, and Livelihood Security of Nomads and Former Nomads in Northern Khams” – Andreas Gruschke
“Political Space and Socio-economic Organization in the Lower Spiti Valley (Early Nineteenth to Late Twentieth Century)” – Christian Jahoda
“South Indian Tibetans: Development Dynamics in the Early Stages of the Tibetan Refugee Settlement Lugs zung bsam grub gling, Bylakuppe” – Jan Magnusson, Subramanya Nagarajarao, and Geoff Childs
“Temporary Migrants in Lha sa in 2005” – Ma Rong and Tanzen Lhundup
“Exclusiveness and Openness: A Study of Matrimonial Strategies in the Dga’ ldan pho brang Aristocracy (1880-1959)” – Alice Travers
“The Mushrooming Fungi Market in Tibet Exemplified by Cordyceps sinensis and Tricholoma matsutake” – Daniel Winkler
“Interpreting Urbanization in Tibet: Administrative Scales and Discourses of Modernization” – Emily T. Yeh and Mark Henderson

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